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Smoke Alarm Installations

In order to provide the safest possible environment for your family, you should have your smoke alarms tested on a regular basis. It is important to get them tested as soon as you move into a new home, and then again after any major renovations such as installing new carpeting or an addition to the house. Even seemingly small changes can interfere with your smoke alarms’ ability to sense smoke in your home.

New smoke alarms and maintenance

We offer professional electrical services for all of your installation needs. From installing new smoke alarms to fixing faulty ones, we can help you get everything up to code. We have technicians available who can come out to your place for service calls and also do full wiring jobs if you’re doing renovations or building an addition. Let us help you get everything you need to be done quickly and efficiently so you can rest easy at night with peace of mind knowing that your home is safe from fire hazards and electrical issues!

Protect your family

Smoke alarms have a well-earned reputation for being an effective fire safety device. Having one on every floor and every bedroom of your home and having them interconnected to that everyone in the home is alerted in the event of a fire is an important part of any fire safety plan. This is because smoke alarms can detect the presence of smoke long before flames are visible or heat is felt. It is estimated that about half of home fire deaths result from fires in homes with no smoke alarms or no working smoke alarms.

Once you’ve installed your smoke alarms, it is vital that they are maintained and working properly.

Smoke alarm maintenance plan

It is vital that once your smoke alarms are installed and tested that they are maintained to be in good operational order. Not only does this give you peace of mind that all the people in the building will be alerted in the event of a fire, but it also allows you to be compliant if you are tenanting the home or have commercial premises.

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