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Safety Switches And Switchboards

Safety switches are an important part of many household electrical systems. They are designed to de-energize a circuit when a risk is detected and to restore power quickly once the risk has been removed. For example, a safety switch will de-energize your circuit if you accidentally touch the live wire. This prevents you from getting a shock and being burned.

Safety switches are often overlooked in homes because they’re not very flashy or exciting—most people don’t think about them until something goes wrong. Allow us to inspect, upgrade or install your switchboard.

Why do I need safety switches?

The importance of having safety switches installed should never be underestimated. Although they might seem like a simple device, they are an essential part of any installation and need to be installed correctly in order to work as expected. It’s important to keep them well maintained so that they will work if an issue arises during use.

The purpose of a safety switch is to prevent electrocution if you, a family member or an employee were to accidentally come into contact with any live parts of your electrical installation. The device will shut off the supply of electricity very quickly when a leak of electricity is detected, stopping the person from being exposed to live electricity for a long period of time.
It is also to take note that safety switches are required to be compliant with Queensland law in both rental properties and commercial premises.

If you think you have an issue with safety switches feel free to get in touch and talk to us.

Switch board inspections

Whether you’re a landlord, tenant or homeowner with a switchboard in your property, it’s important to make sure that the electrical supply to your building is safe and up to code. If you’ve just moved into a new property, or are considering doing some renovation work to fix up your home, it’s worth getting things checked out early on. We can inspect your switchboard and make sure it is both compliant and safe.

We are fast, reliable and honest—all of our quotes are free. Don’t risk the safety of you and your family by hiring an unqualified electrician or letting a potentially faulty switchboard remain unchecked. Get in touch today to book a switchboard inspection.

Switch board upgrades

At Gold Class Electrical, we offer switchboard upgrades for both residential and commercial properties. Whether it is your home, workspace or a large body corporate run property we can help to make sure your switchboard is up to standard.

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